Landscape Recovery Round 2


The Landscape Recovery scheme, part of the English Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS), is a ground-breaking initiative that aims to achieve large-scale ecological restoration and long-term environmental benefits. It focuses on four key features: large-scale projects, long-term public funding, bespoke agreements, and blended funding. By targeting landscape-level outcomes and restoring ecological functions, the scheme delivers sustainable environmental improvements.

Round one of the scheme, launched in February 2022, selected 22 projects that involved collaborative efforts among land managers, farmers, and tenants. These projects aim to create or enhance diverse habitats, restore rivers, and support numerous species. Building on this success, round two, which launched on 18 May 2023, prioritises net zero, protected sites, and wildlife-rich habitats. The goal is to support more projects nationwide and accelerate progress towards the ambitious goals of the Environmental Improvement Plan.

Based on lessons learned from round one, improvements have been implemented for round two. The application process has been streamlined, criteria clarified, and guidance simplified to enhance the applicant experience. All farmers, landowners and land managers, including tenants, who can pull together a project of 500ha or larger are eligible to apply. Up to 25 of the highest scoring projects will be taken forward after this stage. The scheme is also closely monitoring and supporting projects involving tenants and strategically blending public funds with private investment to expand financial support for nature's recovery.

Looking ahead, the scheme plans to launch a further round in 2024 and continue annual rounds to scale up its impact. Feedback from previous rounds will inform future selection criteria and focus areas, ensuring continuous improvement. The Landscape Recovery scheme demonstrates a pioneering approach to achieving large-scale environmental impact by prioritising collaboration, securing long-term funding, facilitating bespoke agreements, and encouraging blended funding. As the scheme evolves, it provides an exciting opportunity for farmers, landowners, and land managers to contribute to nature's recovery and create a sustainable future for our landscapes.

Applications for round two opened on 18 May 2023 and will close at midday on 21 September 2023. You do not need to have the 500ha yourself to be eligible for the funding on offer through this scheme. It may be that you are farming in an area where a group of neighbours may be applying collaboratively and you wish to have your land incorporated.

Whatever your situation, if you are interested in the above scheme, please do not hesitate to contact our office. 

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024