Slurry Infrastructure Grant

Slurry Infrastructure Grant

DEFRA have announced the long awaited details of the new Slurry Infrastructure Grant.The aim of the grant is to help farmers achieve six months slurry storage capacity based on their existing livestock numbers.The grant also requires that the slurry store must have an impermeable cover.

The grant permits farmers toinstall more than six months storage but any additional capacity over and above the six months will not receive grant funding.

Eligibility for the scheme means the applicant's farming system must already produce slurry from either beef, pigs or dairy. The grant can be used to either replace existing stores which are no longer fit for purpose, add additional storage where there is existing suitable storage but not providing it for six months and expand existing slurry storage facilities.

The grant is open to tenants to apply for grant funding but the applicant must demonstrate that they have a tenancy in place for the duration of the funding agreement being five years after the date of the final payment.The grant does go on to say that where the tenancy agreement is for a shorter period but is "expected to continue" then it confirms the tenant is also eligible to apply.

The grant will provide part funding towards the cost of slurry storage and this is based on standard costs which removes the usual approach of the requirement of an applicant to secure three quotes for the grant items.The minimum grant claim which each applicant's business can apply for is £25,000 with the maximum claim being £250,000.

The grant provides funding for the following:

  • Pre cast circular concrete slurry stores.
  • Earth bank lagoons without a synthetic liner.
  • Earth bank lagoons with a synthetic liner.
  • Stores using pre-cast rectangular concrete panels.
  • Above ground steel slurry stores.
  • Large volume supported slurry bags over 2500m³.

New or expanded stores must be fitted with an impermeable cover unless you are installing a slurry bag or using acidification.The grant will pay for fixed or floating flexible covers together with also providing funding for accessories such as slurry pumps, transfer channels, mixers.

The grant application window is a two stage process where an online checker is available which will enable farmers to check whether they are eligible toapply for the grant and to estimate the quantity of storage which they require.The online checker window opens on 6th December and runs to 31st January 2023.

From this point, eligible and prioritised projects will then be invited to submit a full application once the initial expressions of interest have been checked by DEFRA.

It is anticipated that demand for this scheme will be very high. Therefore, there will be a process of prioritisation by DEFRA to ensure that the schemes which acquire grant funding will be those which offer the greatest environmental benefit and those where urgent action is required to reduce pollution.

If you are interested in exploring this grant further, then please do get in touch with us at PFK Land Agency where we will be happy to help and to take matters forward. 

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